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Hey, I'm Bethany

A multi-passionate creative who let the dream of complete freedom mould every element of her entrepreneurial journey. 


With my first child on the way and life starting to really take shape, I realised I needed to kick myself into gear and build the life I’ve always dreamed of. To create the kind of life that gives you the freedom to spend time with your loved ones and develop long lasting memories, without being held back by the 9 to 5.

I know you want the same!

Having spent many years in the coding and user-experience space, I learnt to interpret the needs of visitors and purposely guide them on a journey through a brand. Now, as a passionate designer, I offer a streamlined and personal design process that provides clients with a brand and website that’s full of purpose and holds the recipe for success. I focus on the details that elevate a brand so that your clients can effortlessly connect with their dream clients and unlock their true potential.

A powerhouse for everything design, experiences and creativity

This is my thing, you won't even know I'm here.

Being a behind the scenes designer is second nature to me, it's where I'm most comfortable and where I really shine. I don't need to be shown the ropes or taught any of the basics, I can simply immerse myself in your world, pick up your processes quickly and handle your clients with the same level of dedication as you would. 

You know the value in outsourcing, so what are you waiting for?

The trajectory of your business is changing and hinges on your guidance of a team that work on auto-pilot and without needing to be overshadowed consistantly. Take a step back from being involved in every aspect of your business and focus your creative expertise on things that truly demand your attention.

What it's all about

Committed to crafting strategic and intentional brands for multitalented creatives

A partnership is a wonderful thing and working with a like-minded designer can be the stepping stone needed for growth. Working together you'll be able to give your creative mind a break knowing I'll be there understanding exactly what you need.

Blending expertise with understanding

Every website has a function, ultimately its purpose is to bring in sales. But looks can only get you so far. That's why I consider every aspect of design and functionality, so we can take visitors where they need to go and look pretty awesome doing it.

Balancing beauty and functionality

When something has intention and is backed by a clear strategy, it just works. Removing the complicated and allowing the art of subtle details to take control does wonders for having an impactful and successful site.

Focusing on the simplicity of strategy

Pascale Ricchetti

I love having Bethany as an extension of our team here at Azori Studio.
She's a great sounding board and also a genuinely lovely person to work with! Bethany is so much more than just a web developer, she’s a problem solver, uses her initiative, and I LOVE that she has such a creative eye too.

Bethany's an asset that I can put complete faith into! She’s truly an expert in all things web.

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