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Top Shelf White Label Design

Designers work with us so they can take on more projects, smash their monthly sales goals and grow their team without compromise.

Design your business to fit your life, not the other way around

Whatever you need, I've got you

We're all designers here

Your process is my process

As the demand for your services increase and your time becomes more precious, it's essential to find a partner who understands your vision, your brand, and your unique needs. That's where I, as a white label designer, steps onto the stage, ready to carry the weight and spread my expertise.

By entrusting the heavy lifting to a skilled white label designer, you free yourself to focus on what you do best, while seamlessly elevating your business to unprecedented levels. You're ready to actually take a step back, and taking on a dedicated designer just makes sense, right? You betcha!!

With over 5 years of design and development experience, I know exactly how it all works. What makes clients tick and the little details that sends them shouting your name from the hills! 

Handing over your creative process doesn't have to be difficult. My clients have seen me slide into their workflow as if it's my own. And the more we work together, the more streamline the process!

Why you need this white label designer

Whether you want to satisfy your ever-growing client roster or re-ignite your passion for design, I'm here to get you to where you want to be. Financial freedom? Sure! We'll get you there!


We'll wine and dine your clients and treat them as we would our own. Or, we'll check in with you through each stage of the process and hand over everything you need for your client to review our work.


Walkthroughs of your client's new site and tutorials on how to edit their content, create new blog posts and do just about anything.


Extended access to support after launch, via slack, email or voicenote.

More than just template customization. With design changes and custom elements that make each site feel truly unique and personal to your client.

Showit Template Customization

Design + layout edits for a unique feel
SEO + Mobile optimization
dns configuration
Launch ready sites
coded elements + customizations

book in your project


AVERAGE TIMELINE:  4 - 6 weeks


You'll receive all assets in every format you'll need to hand over to your client. No more exporting logo files and organizing folders, that's all taken care of.


A brand guideline doc that showcases your client's new brand and has real life examples of how to use it. You won't see misused graphics coming from them anytime soon!

IG graphics for you and your client to showcase their new branding.

The full branding experience, from concept through to final deliverables. Each stage of the process is taken care of and delivered to you in a neat little package.

Custom Brand Identity Design

moodboard + design concept
logo suite
color + typography suite
on-brand design elements
brand guidelines

book in your project

starting at $2000

AVERAGE TIMELINE:  4 - 6 weeks


We'll wine and dine your clients and treat them as we would our own. Or, we'll check in with you through each stage of the process and hand over everything you need for your client to review our work.


Walkthroughs of your client's new site and tutorials on how to edit their content, create new blog posts and do just about anything.


Our most premium support for an additional 14 days post launch via slack, email or voicenote.

Fully custom web design that creates a seamless brand experience and showcases your client's incredible talent. The complete website works, made simple but with so much power.

Custom Web Design + Dev

custom design + development
SEO + Mobile optimization
dns configuration
Launch ready sites
coded elements, customizations + layouts

book in your project

starting at $4500

AVERAGE TIMELINE:  6 - 8 weeks

I want this!

protected page setup in wordpress
showit x wordpress configuration
custom html, css + js
dns configuration
3rd party integrations

For when your clients need a hidden pricing page, a private gallery for one of their wedding clients or a secret membership page.

Wordpress x Showit Password Protected Pages

starting at $800

AVERAGE TIMELINE:  1 - 2 weeks

I want this!

Podcast setup in wordpress
Categories, filtering + search
advanced blog features setup
dns configuration
3rd party integrations

Setup for podcasts or advanced blogging in Wordpress for use with Showit websites.

Wordpress Podcast + Advanced Blog Setup

starting at $800

AVERAGE TIMELINE:  1 - 2 weeks





I want this!

layers + element naming + organization
mobile layout redesign + cleanup
seo headings + tags fixed
meta titles + descriptions
slot in on the calendar with a days notice

Mobile optimization and SEO that you don't have to worry about. Fast and efficient cleanup with the benefit of basic SEO best practices.

Mobile Cleanup + SEO

starting at $125 per page

AVERAGE TIMELINE: 1 - 2 hours per page

I want this!

Custom coded elements + canvases
wordpress x showit troubleshooting
showit development from wireframes
wordpress plugin setup + configuration
ecommerce setup + design

Design and tech assistance that gives you your time back, tick off your to do list and have no more messing about with the small details.

Intensives + Retainers

$100 p/h - custom quote required

1/2 or full day intensives and monthly retainers available

Kate Sharp

Her approach is nothing short of a miracle - or perhaps some coding wizardry. Throughout the entire experience Bethany went above and beyond to make sure my website incorporated the design elements I just didn't think would be possible.

Bethany is hands down one of the best web developers I have come across in the 10 years of being in business.

So you want to stop trying to do it all?

Well here's your permission...

Don't worry, we've got you! We know you're the kind of designer who knows exactly what they want, you're in control of everything. And it's a little hard to imagine not having your hands on every element of your business, but with the constant feeling of burn out, you know it's time to let someone else help lighten the load.

When you work with a White Label Designer you're not just passing over pieces of your design process, you're allowing space for your business to flourish and grow, without compromise.

Run into an issue? Just message, I'll get back to you ASAP. You've got either 7 or 14 days support after we launch to ask any questions, fix any errors or just get to grips with the work.

7/14 day post-launch support

Have a way you communicate with your clients? Don't worry, we'll slide into your workflow and keep the conversation flowing. Need to get hold of me? Just pop me a message!

Easy communication

While I work on our project, you'll have my undivided attention. You'll be the 1 of 2 clients on my calendar and all my focus will be on delivering a standout site to your client.

What happens during our time together?

so you're thinking of offloading, but...

Calendar blocked off

How it all works

Ready to schedule a call? Click here.

After you get in touch, we'll have a quick no-stress chat to gather more information about your needs and see if we're a great fit.

You'll select your package and pay your deposit to book the project on our calendar.

01. Get in touch

Ready to book? Click here.

Before our start date, I learn your processes and get familiar with your client management systems. We'll discuss all the last details of your project and you'll send all content and files I'll need. 

02. Pre-work prep

Need my help? Click here.

Sit back and relax! I'll do my thing and be in touch when your first draft is ready. We'll fine-tune the design and depending on your project, setup everything on the backend ready for launch.

03. Drafts & Design

Sounds good? Get in touch.

As your project comes to an end, we'll send you all the details and files you'll need for your client. I'll hand the reigns back over to you and pop a bottle of champagne in celebration of your project completion!

04. All wrapped up

Embraced simplicity and balance

A seamless and painfree transition

Trusted and dedicated designer

Unmatched and tailored experience

Intentional and flawless design details

What you can expect from working with South & Oak

Having worked with many designers I know each and every one of our processes can be different. We'll have a chat about your workflows and what works best for you as a designer and business owner. It's important that you feel comfortable and like a weight is actually being lifted off your shoulders, so I'll adopt your work pattern and adapt my workflow to fit yours. Have a specific way you want your project handled? Let talk about it!

How will you intergrate yourself into my design process?

Of course! Trust and confidentially is such a big part of our working together. I know that sharing some of the intimate details of your business can be daunting, that's why we'll get to know each other before working together and make sure you feel completely comfortable. We'll discuss your requirements and limitations and put that all into writing for complete peace of mind - for the both of us!

Are my trade secrets actually kept secret?

It's completely up to you! Most of my white label clients hand over the reins and trust me to create sites that are not just visually beautiful but also actually bring in the sales. I'll handle everything from client communication to video walkthroughs so you can take a back seat and oversee rather than get into the nitty gritty of each project. If you just want some of the small details handled without me having client involvement, that's fine too!

Do you take care of every aspect of a client project?

I'm kind of a perfectionist, but in the best way possible. I have an eye for seeing misplaced pixels and am constantly bringing my A game to each and every project. With years of programming and development experience I know all the small details that go into actually building a website, so naturally as a designer I built on those skills to provide a seemless online experience in each and every one of my sites. Take a look at my work and see for yourself.

How do I know your work will be up to my standard?

The short answer is no. While the majority of the projects I take on are with Showit, I have many years experience working with other platforms. The creative ability within Showit is unmatched, and with Wordpress integration it really is the best option for the majority of clients I work with but I understand it's not always the best fit for everyone. If you have a project you're unsure about, get in touch and we'll discuss the best platform to go with.

Do you work exclusively with Showit?








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The free life starts with a designer who understands your vision and goals.

Working with other designers truly lights me up, allow me to knock out your task list and relieve the pressure of limited time.

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